Rollmech Engineering

Rollmech is an expert in the global automotive sector with its engineering department, design, prototype and correlation experts.

It provides solution with its approach of doing it right the first time with all the necessary software, equipment, tests and correlation experts. It is competent to carry out all the tests necessary from the simplest solutions to the most complicated.

Rollmech engineers work with the most talented equipment and software in automotive. Working at the same location with many different production technologies and different product range is an opportunity for the engineers of Rollmech to improve themselves. This helps increase the expertise of Rollmech engineers who have focused on a certain product group.

Rollmech engineering department is an expert in the global automotive sector with its design, prototype, verification, analysis and validation skills.  

  • Mechanical, material/metallurgical engineer and chemistry engineers,
  • Verification of all designs by CAE and prototype (if necessary),
  • Main Engineering activity is in Turkey
  • Modeling, optimization, finite and infinite element analysis,
  • Dynamic, static and kinematic analysis,
  • Inner and outer sourced prototype production expertise,
  • CAE analysis and physical piece tests correlation with 99% accuracy.